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Imperial Brotherhood

MC Rules

  1. All forms of griefing are not allowed. ​

    1. Claiming someone else’s structure that extends outside their claim without their permission is considered griefing.

    2. Claim anything you want protected. Buildings may extend outside claims, but must originate within a claim to be protected. Unclaimed structures and chests are not protected under the anti-griefing rule.

  2. Respect the other players. Basically, don’t do anything you wouldn’t want someone to do to you. Golden rule, people.

  3. Any use of cheats is strictly prohibited. This includes, but not limited to, hack clients, hack mods, dupes, and exploits. 

  4. Farms that cause server lag are not allowed. If a staff member determines your farm is causing lag, you will have to dismantle it.

  5. All decisions made by staff are final. If you disagree with a decision, present your case on the forums. Arguing in the game or on discord will be ignored and may cause additional punishment.

  6. Do not beg staff for ranks, materials, or replacements. The staff are under no obligation to help you. Whether or not a staff member replaces missing items is entirely up to their judgment. If a staff member makes a mistake, and you lose all your stuff, they are obligated to compensate for your loss.

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