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Imperial Brotherhood

Happy holidays from Imperial!

Donor Perks


Donor Perks yet to be added in TTT.

Love the server? Wanna help it grow? Donate some cash and make it prosper! If you decide to donate, you'll get some special stuff just because you helped the server grow! Some of the money also goes to a small charity in Gunnison, which helps poor college students be able to get books and supplies. 

$10: Bronze

- Custom Discord Role + Color
- Access to Pointshop Donor Hats
- 5,000 Pointshop points
- 5,000 Donor Pointshop points

$20: Silver

- Custom Discord Role + Color
- Access to Pointshop weapons, Followers, silver class skins, silver class weapon skins
- 20,000 Pointshop points
- 20,000 Donor Pointshop points
- Reserved slot!

$50: Gold

- Custom Discord Role + Color + Your own Voice Channel!
- Access to all Donor Pointshop Weapons, Weapon skins, Followers and Models!
- 50,000 Pointshop points
- 50,000 Donor Pointshop Points
- Access to exclusive content such as Snowballs, Popcorn, etc.
- Intro music! Play music when you join the server. Set it with !intros
More to come!

As the server changes and grows, anyone that has donated will be grandfathered in to the new donor items that
come in the server! 



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