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Imperial Brotherhood

Happy holidays from Imperial!

  1. No RDM. This means killing detectives or randomly killing innocents as an innocent, or killing your traitor buddies as a traitor. This does not count if you had evidence the inno you attacked could have been the traitor, or if your traitor buddy agreed to be killed to get you marked proven. Revenge RDM is not acceptable as well. Also, killing people for being AFK is RDM, unless you are sure they are the traitor (others have been killed, tested, etc).

  2. No RDT (RANDOMLY TAZING) as detective or innocents. This can lead to RDM and you will be punished with a slay

  3. No RDD (RANDOMLY DISARMING) as detective or innocents. This can lead to RDM and you will be punished with a slay

  4. Ghosting will not be tolerated on this server. If you are accused of doing so then it is due to extensive research between the staff members and most likely there is evidence of your actions.

  5. No camping the Traitor rooms, Detective rooms, or Secret rooms. You will be warned after 3 minutes of camping in the T or D room with a slap. if you do not get out, it's a slay. Camping in a secret room where a Traitor is unfamiliar with can also result in punishment.

  6. Throwing incendiary grenades randomly at other people is traitorous and can be assumed as RDM. 

  7. No Randomly discombobing on maps that have cliffs, or on towers. This can be RDM

  8. Don't claim an area. This isn't Nazi Germany of the 1930's

  9. Leaving bodies unidentified can be considered traitorous. Note: if you had a good reason, like if you were in a gunfight and identifying the body could leave you vulnerable, then you will not be KOSed.

  10. No random prop kill. This includes prop possession. This Includes Putting the wedge at the fall pit in 67th way's gun store. Killing a KOSed Traitor with a prop is allowed and fucking hilarious.

  11. Don't kill people for an invalid reason, unless traitorous. EX: "If you are a fucking Dumbass that eats shit, that means you must be a traitor!"
    Suspicions must be a valid reason, killing on overtime for an invalid suspicion is considered RDM. EX of bullshit suspicions: Standing still (unless they're AFK), being silent (unless live-checks), Aiming players (unless lethal weapon), Low health with a reason.

  12. Do not use aimbots/wallhacks/hacks of any kind.

  13. Threatening a user will result in a warning or ban. This will not be tolerated.

  14. Do not discriminate or harass, including racist, sexist, anti-gay, etc. remarks. This will result in a warning then a ban.

  15. Disrespecting Staff, Members and/or Guests by insulting them or making them feel uncomfortable will result in an automatic ban.

  16. Respect others- be kind.

  17. Do not failplay. If you are traitorous, it means you can be killed for doing traitorous things. If you are infact NOT a traitor, you may be banned for failplay. EX: Working with a traitor together as a detective, or letting a traitor kill players and not acting as an innocent.

  18. As traitor, please do not stall the round for very long. If you are running out of time, it is advised to simply begin slaughtering everyone. As the last traitor, please do not camp inside the traitor room. If you are stalling, you will be slapped by an admin. If you continue stalling, an admin has the RIGHT to SLAY you.

  19. Do not micspam or chatspam UNLESS IT IS DJ Night. You will be muted/gagged unless you ask the admin if you can mic spam. The admin will host a vote, and If the vote wins, you may mic spam with low volume so then people can have conversations.

  20. Make sure to warn your traitor buddies about C4s or other threats you've caused to make sure they are not harmed. If you don't, you are a fucking asshole (and may get punished). <3

  21. During votebans or votekicks, please avoid favoritism. Do not vote "no" for no reason.

  22. Pushing people with crowbar is acceptable unless you push them off of the map or any ledge. At that point, you are considered a traitor. 

  23. If you are making somebody uncomfortable by aiming at them, following them, or getting too close they may ask you to back away and stop. After multiple warnings, they assume the right to kill you without being traitorous. If the player is following at an extremely close range, this can be a form of T-baiting.

  24. If you are messing with a body, especially an unidentified one, people may ask you to stop so they can see how the died, get DNA, etc. If you do not stop, you may be traitorous. 

  25. Disabling/destroying the T tester is traitorous and not considered RDM if you get killed. Breaking it during preparation of a new round will result in a slay, bannable if continues.

  26. Do not leave to avoid punishment. If you have been gagged/muted/etc. wrongfully, you may rejoin, though it is mostly recommended that you report the admin on the forums. However, If you were gagged/muted/etc for a reason and rejoin, you will be kicked, followed by a Ban if you choose to continue. 

  27. If you are defibbed by a detective, you cannot call out the other T's. That is a form of Ghosting. You can however hunt down the traitor that killed you.

  28. You are allowed to T bait, However, If you get killed for it, It's not considered RDM. T Bait safely. Do not constantly T bait a specific player, if this result in being a problem to the victim, you may be punished for it.

  29. No pornographic sprays. That will lead you to a ban if you do not change it

  30. No Door blocking. This includes placing props in front of door. If you're blocking a player's only exit, they can be allowed to kill you after multiple warnings. You will be slain if you continue to Door block.

  31. The detective can order you around INCLUDING FORCING YOU TO TEST. For example, if the detective wants you to leave the room, you must do so. 
    However, the detective cannot make crazy, absurd requests like "Kill yourself," or "Jump off that cliff".
    Failure to follow a detective's request is considered T baiting.

  32. If the Detective dies, Innocents cannot order other innocents around

  33. Prop Climbing is ALLOWED. Please refrain from using it to exploit or you might be slain and/or banned

  34. During PR rounds, if you spawn drop a shit ton of guns, you will be banned for attempting to crash the server

  35. No Loopholing the rules. The Rules are the rules, and avoiding them will result in a ban

TTT Server Rules

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