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Imperial Brotherhood

Happy holidays from Imperial!

  1. On the map rooftops, destroying of the wooden bridges or activating the Killer Axe is considered KOS able be warned! 

  2. The Light in Clue is not KOSABLE unless the detective calls the light kosable.

  3. Exploiting out of the map in Roy of the Ship with Props will get you slain and banned

  4. The Casino Badlands (Aka the glitch area in Casino) is off limits. People found in the Badlands will be slain and banned

  5. Mass rdm with the Wedge in 67th way in the pit of the gun store will get you slain and banned

  6. Don't spam the tester in Waterworld. You will get slain and banned

  7. Don't glitch outside the door in stadium. You will get slain and banned

  8. Do not possess the painting and propkill people with the painting in Dolls. You will get banned.

  9. If you are not a T, Do not force people into the death room in 67th way. You will get banned.

  10. In Community Bowling, Detectives can order breaking the glass in the tester room to be KOSable.

  11. In Roy The Ship, glitching any prop in the captain's door is considered prop blocking and Prop killing. You will get banned if you do so.

TTT Map Rules

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